Greg Ziesemer is an accomplished musician and 20+ year veteran of the central Indiana music community.  A talented singer/songwriter.  Greg demonstrates a unique sensibility and perspective in his original compositions, reflecting on relationships, social awareness and self-discovery, and celebrating the trials and triumphs of that unlikely hero of the American experience, the underdog.

Greg's live solo performances bring together a wealth of influences from Jerry Garcia and Woody Guthrie to Van Morrison and Lucinda Williams.  From Bill Monroe and Willie Dixon to Steve Earle and Son Volt.  In the course of  an evening he moves fluidly from his many original songs to covers of classics, often dusting off and rendering a new shine to a seldom heard gem of a song.  His voice and guitar express genuine emotion and interpret each song in his own unique fashion.  He draws the listener in for an intimate musical experience.

His latest CD release, "Baptism Of Fire" is purely about the songwriter and his songs.  Truly in his element with a hypnotic groove, a sweet melody and a thought-provoking message, Greg delivers his songs to you rich with passion, honesty and soul.  The CD features a supporting cast of some of Indy's finest musicians and delves into several different genres that influence his music including the acoustic, organic sounds of "newgrass," roots based Americana and psychedelic rock.